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States with South Dakota–style economic nexus laws

A growing number of states are adopting and enforcing South Dakota-style economic nexus laws to increase remote sales tax collections....Continued

7 holiday sales tax sins

Some common sales tax sins have potentially devastating consequences. ...Continued

State and federal lawmakers rally in response to Supreme Court sales tax ruling

A bill to regulate the way states tax interstate commerce has been introduced in Congress....Continued

OTT impacts of Supreme Court repeal of physical presence precedent

In the wake of South Dakota v. Wayfair, the impacts for OTT providers could be significant. Here's what you need to know about the potential implications for streaming voice, video, and audio services...Continued

Wisconsin to enforce Wayfair-style economic nexus rule starting October 2018

Wisconsin will require remote sellers to collect and remit sales or use tax on taxable sales into Wisconsin starting October 1, 2018....Continued

Alabama to enforce remote sales tax collections starting October 1, 2018

Alabama has required remote sellers to collect and remit tax since January 2016, but it couldn't enforce collections. Until now....Continued

New Jersey to offer tax amnesty in 2018

New Jersey is preparing to offer a tax amnesty program to encourage taxpayers with outstanding taxes to pay the taxes they owe....Continued

Nexus and the holidays: 3 drop shipping scenarios you should know about

Drop shipping can facilitate order fulfillment — and complicate sales tax compliance — at any time of year, but especially during the busy holiday season. ...Continued

Starting a business? Here’s a helpful checklist.

There are plenty of resources available to help you take the right steps, make the right decisions, and give your new business the right foundation....Continued

What’s a tax lien — and what does it mean for your small business?

We’ve gathered all of the information you need to know about tax liens and how they can affect your small business....Continued