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January 2020 sales tax rate changes

With the start of a new year comes changes to local sales and use tax rates in several states. ...Continued

Arizona and Georgia lower economic nexus thresholds for remote sellers, January 1, 2020

Out-of-state sellers currently need to collect and remit sales tax in Arizona and Georgia if they cross certain sales thresholds. As of January 1, 2020, those thresholds are changing....Continued

How to save on sales tax in all states

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are tax free....Continued

Marketplaces responsible for sales tax in 4 more states starting January 1, 2020

Registration and reporting requirements for marketplace sellers vary by state, by the seller’s method of sales, and whether the seller has a physical presence in the state or economic nexus. ...Continued

Tariffs on. Tariffs off. What’s a business to do?

While Friday’s deal with China may grant some respite, the turmoil with trade continues....Continued

4 ecommerce best practices for the holiday season

For retailers, a successful holiday season depends on preparation....Continued

Avalara API 19.12 Patch Notes

This article is about the December 2019 monthly update to the Avalara API....Continued

The 5 wackiest sales tax stories of 2019 — Wacky Tax Wednesday

Remote sales tax shenanigans make the top five Wacky Tax Wednesday posts of 2019. Read on for the rest. ...Continued

7 end-of-year compliance topics to keep an eye on

We hope this roundup will help you cross one more thing off your mile-long December to-do list so you can enjoy that nice winter break....Continued

Utah to make big changes to sales tax in early 2020

Utah sales tax will soon apply to digital products and services, personal transportation services, and a host of other services. However, menstrual products will soon be exempt....Continued