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Sales tax permits: A state-by-state guide

Sales tax permits 101: How do you know if you need a sales tax permit? And how do you go about getting one?...Continued

The Texas do-si-do (a sales tax sourcing dance) – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Why sales tax sourcing in Texas is like a do-si-do square dance....Continued

Black Friday sales may topple tax thresholds in the EU and US

After a turbulent 2020, this year’s annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday could well be the most competitive and potentially lucrative one yet....Continued

October Roundup: Sales tax laws you need to know

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your sales tax compliance....Continued

Can your ecommerce platform handle interstate and cross-border taxes?

Online sales have exploded because of COVID-19, creating customs duty and tax compliance challenges for ecommerce businesses worldwide....Continued

Counting calories: TTB rulings provide more flexibility for alcohol labeling

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) recently issued two new labeling and advertising requirements for wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages....Continued

Avalara Supports Enterprise Indirect Tax Needs with Ability to Create Custom Business Rules for Transactions

Avalara today announced the availability of Avalara AvaTax Advanced Transaction Rules....Continued

How a PR problem grew into a sales tax issue – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Cranberries are delicious, when cloaked in enough sugar. Should the addition of sugar transform a dried fruit into candy?...Continued

Growth in B2B ecommerce exposes businesses to compliance risks

Validating exempt transactions and managing exemption certificates is critical to the success of B2B ecommerce....Continued

November sales tax rate changes

A new month often means new sales tax rates in one or more states....Continued