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Louisiana to provide a sales tax holiday in November

A new, one-time sales tax holiday is now on Louisiana's calendar....Continued

Real-time tax remittance is back on the table in Massachusetts

The governor of Massachusetts wants businesses and payment processors to remit sales tax daily starting in 2024....Continued

What’s a sales tax risk assessment, and why should you get one?

Not sure where you need to collect and remit sales tax? Avalara's self-serve Sales Tax Risk Assessment can help you find out....Continued

Battles brew in Michigan and Ohio over DTC wine shipments by out-of-state sellers

Can states use the 21st Amendment to prevent out-of-state wineries or wine retailers from shipping directly to consumers in the state?...Continued

6 hidden costs of running an ecommerce site

Some costs related to setting up an ecommerce site are obvious, but hidden costs can add up....Continued

One word can make a world of difference in sales tax law

Replacing one three-letter word for another can change a lookback period from infinity to one year....Continued

The final mile: How fulfillment and support foster brand loyalty

Four tips to stay top of mind among existing customers and rise above competitors....Continued

New Orleans lowers sales tax rate for diapers and tampons

Diapers and feminine hygiene products are now subject to a 2.5% city sales tax in New Orleans (plus state sales tax) rather than the full rate of 5%....Continued

Utah’s unusual twist on DTC wine subscriptions – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Utahns still can't directly join a wine club, but they can ask the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to join one for them....Continued

Vermont eliminates non-collecting seller reporting, adds requirements for consumers and marketplaces

Vermont taxpayers are now required to report consumer use tax on individual income tax returns....Continued