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Nebraska looks to tax services, digital advertisements

Substantial changes to Nebraska's sales tax policies are under consideration in Nebraska....Continued

Marketplaces to collect sales tax on third-party sales in Georgia

Georgia may be the first state to enact a marketplace facilitator law in 2020....Continued

Avalara Announces 17 Newly Certified Integrations into Business Applications

Avalara today announced the release of 17 newly certified integrations with accounting, ERP, ecommerce, point-of-sale, mobile commerce, and CRM software applications....Continued

How tangible machinery became intangible for tax purposes – Wacky Tax Wednesday

How can something like a machine — which can be felt, heard, and seen — be classified as intangible?...Continued

AvaTax API 20.1 Patch Notes

This article is about the January 2020 monthly update to the Avalara API....Continued

Marketplace facilitators responsible for sales tax in five more states in early 2020

In most states, marketplaces must now collect and remit sales tax on both direct and indirect sales....Continued

Money keeps flowing into states thanks to Supreme Court’s 2018 sales tax ruling

For states, the 2018 Wayfair ruling is the gift that keeps on giving: Remote sales tax revenue is boosting state sales and use tax collections....Continued

Avalara for Beverage Alcohol transitions leadership to Jeff Carroll

Avalara announces the retirement of Rachel Dumas Rey as general manager of Avalara for Beverage Alcohol. Jeff Carroll was promoted to fill her role, effective December 2, 2019....Continued

How quickly can you register for sales tax in new states? Wacky Tax Wednesday

You may be surprised how quickly you need to register for sales tax once you've established an obligation to collect sales tax....Continued

2020 may bring more parking taxes in New Jersey

Municipalities in New Jersey with a population of at least 100,000 can now impose a municipal sales tax on many parking fees....Continued