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Avalara Announces 41 Newly-Certified Integrations Into Business Applications

Avalara today announced the release of 41 newly certified integrations with accounting, ERP, ecommerce, point-of-sale, mobile commerce, and CRM software applications....Continued

The CRUSH Files: The global spread and digitization of VAT

Avalara's head of global indirect tax, Richard Asquith, is planning a crash course for CRUSH19 on the continuing spread of global VAT and its implications....Continued

Are used items taxable?

Many individuals and businesses are making a mint by selling used items on platforms like eBay, and Amazon. But sellers, and buyers, have questions about whether to charge sales tax on transactions....Continued

Should Congress limit the right of states to tax remote sales?

Could Congress finally be ready to take on remote sales tax?...Continued

Avalara Announces CRUSH 2019: The Path Forward for Tax Compliance

Avalara today announced the return of CRUSH, its fourth annual tax conference and industry gathering. The conference will take place May 8–10, 2019, in Huntington Beach, California. ...Continued

Virginia introduces bill to tax out-of-state sales

Virginia could be the next state to tax remote sales....Continued

Missouri moves to tax remote sales via economic nexus

Missouri lawmakers considered taxing remote sales in early 2018, but the measure died. A similar bill is more likely to gain traction in 2019....Continued

How California’s remote sales tax law will impact California businesses

California's new remote sales tax policy can affect in-state businesses as well....Continued

California will tax sales by out-of-state sellers starting April 1, 2019

After months of deliberation, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration has come up with a response to South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc....Continued

Washington, DC to tax remote internet sales

Like many states, Washington, D.C. is working toward taxing sales by remote retailers....Continued