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Remote sellers still have time to apply for tax amnesty in Alabama

Alabama is providing amnesty for eligible sellers who didn't collect sales or use tax prior to their participation in the SSUT program. ...Continued

Ohio clarifies collection requirement for marketplace facilitators

Although certain remote sellers had to register to collect Ohio sales tax by August 1, 2019, marketplace facilitators had until September 1, 2019....Continued

Avalara API 19.9 Patch Notes

This article is about the September 2019 monthly update to the Avalara API....Continued

Amazon found liable for marketplace sales tax in South Carolina

An administrative law judge has determined Amazon is responsible for the sales tax owed on third-party sales....Continued

Avalara Announces 22 Newly Certified Integrations into Business Applications

Avalara today announced the release of 22 newly certified integrations with accounting, ERP, ecommerce, point-of-sale, mobile commerce, and CRM software applications....Continued

New Mexico increasing tax on services, changing sourcing rules

Big changes coming to New Mexico gross receipts tax in 2021....Continued

Virginia reduces tax on menstrual products, diapers

Should necessities such as diapers and menstrual products be subject to sales tax?...Continued

How to use the AuditTransaction endpoint

The AuditTransaction endpoint can help developers retrieve audit information about a transaction stored in AvaTax. ...Continued

Can cities in Alaska streamline sales tax enough to tax remote sales?

Alaska is unique: It has no statewide sales tax, but more than 100 municipalities levy local sales and use taxes. Those communities now want to tax remote sales. ...Continued

Washington’s new Remote Seller Relief Program: Will it start a new trend?

Haven't been collecting sales tax in Washington? The Washington Department of Revenue might have your back. ...Continued