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Ecuador VAT on e-services

Ecuador has become the latest state to announce plans to levy VAT on the provision of electronic services by non-resident providers to its consumer. This would be the second attempt to extend the Valu...Continued

Ecuador imposes VAT on e-services

Ecuador is the latest country to bring electronic / digital services to consumers within the VAT net....Continued

US Texas applies sales tax online gaming

Earlier this year, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts issued a decision to make income from the sales to Texan consumers of online games liable to sales tax. This was based on a remote provider ...Continued

Paraguay VAT on digital services and withholding VAT 2020

Paraguay has enacted a tax provision to impose VAT on sales of electronic services to its consumers. This is based on the customer being resident in Paraguay. This may be determined by their IP addres...Continued

Chile bill VAT on non-resident e-services June 2020

The Chilean Congress is to consider a bill to levy VAT on foreign electronic and digital services sold to consumers. The current standard VAT rate in Chile is 19%. ...Continued

Argentina zero rates foodstuffs

Argentina is to reclassify basic foodstuff to the zero VAT. This includes milk; bread; rice and sugar. The emergency measure is being introduced in the midst of an ongoing economic crisis and peso cur...Continued

US Kansas imposes sales tax on remote sellers

Kansas is to oblige out-of-state retailers to charge local sales tax for the first time from 1 October 2019. This includes registering with the state’s Department of Revenue....Continued

Brazil second VAT implementation bill

A second bill to consolidate a plethora of Brazilian indirect taxes has been presented to the Senate on 9 July 2019. The Chamber of Deputies is already reviewing an alternative Brazil VAT bill....Continued

Costa Rica VAT launch penalty suspension

Following this month’s introduction of a 13% Value Added Tax in Costa Rica, the government has granted a three-month suspension of any penalties. ...Continued

Costa Rica 13% VAT launch Jul 2019

Costa Rica remains on track to introduce a 13% Value Added Tax on 1 July 2019. It will replace the existing Sales Tax, which is only due on the sale of goods. ...Continued