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Bangladesh 15% VAT implementation Jul 2019

The Bangladesh 2019/20 budget now includes details of the proposed implementation of a 15% VAT regime from the 1st July 2019....Continued

Barbados VAT changes

The Barbados 2019 national budget includes a range of VAT changes...Continued

South Korea foreign e-services VAT extension

South Korea is to extend the non-resident VAT obligations on digital service from 1 July 2019. ...Continued

Thailand e-commerce withholding VAT

Thailand has proposed a withholding tax on e-commerce sales of goods and services. The measure is particularly aimed at sales to non-resident online sellers who are showing high levels of VAT evasion....Continued

UK import VAT clarification

The UK’s HMRC has provided guidance on who can reclaim import VAT on goods entering the UK from outside the EU. Post-Brexit, this will include goods coming from the remaining EU 27 states....Continued

Canada Manitoba Provincial Sales Tax 7% Jul 2019

The 2019 Manitoba budget includes a provision to reduce the Retail Sales Tax from 8% to 7% from 1 July 2019. ...Continued

China export services VAT exemption

China’s State Administration of Taxation authority has provided further guidance on the application and rules for zero VAT rating on export services. In a new bulletin, it lists all services which ...Continued

Indian GST update

Discussions between the governing BJP and opposition Congress parties are continuing as both sides look to solve the last issues to secure an implementation of the new indirect tax in 2017. Congres...Continued

Taiwan plans VAT on foreign e-services.

Taiwan has become the latest Asia Pacific country to plan the imposition of VAT on electronic services supplied by foreign providers to local consumers. Currently, when Taiwanese consumers purchase...Continued

Taiwan 5.5% VAT proposal

The new Taiwanese government has indicated that it is considering a VAT rate rise from 5% to 5.5%. The increase, with other tax rises, is aimed at funding the rising costs of an ageing population. ...Continued