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Co-opting gig & sharing platforms as tax collectors

Tax authorities have long eyed marketplaces with frustration arising from these marketplaces having helped to create the huge gig and sharing sectors. However, this frustration is mixed with the tax a...Continued

Managing temporary COVID VAT rate cuts

Global finance ministries are introducing temporary COVID-19 Value Added Tax rate cuts – including Goods and Services and U.S. sales taxes - to boost consumer confidence as countries move from the eme...Continued

How to get VAT right in gig & sharing economies

There is an array of more practical VAT measures that are in place, or could be explored, to resolve the VAT issues around the gig and sharing economies. The shared aim of these measures would be to r...Continued

COVID VAT cash savings checklist

Whilst businesses begin to emerge from the lockdown phase of the coronavirus crisis, cashflow management remains paramount. The liquidity risks around a collapse of turnover, non-payments by customers...Continued

Gig & sharing economies: millions of new entrepreneurs; billions in lost VAT

The gig and sharing economies, powered by online marketplaces, have freed millions of individuals to offer their labour and underutilised assets to businesses and consumers across the world. Mastercar...Continued

Defining the gig and sharing economies for VAT

The digital gig and sharing economies constitute a newly emerging subset of this online market in which individuals trade services directly with each other. But what are the differences?...Continued

VAT implications for the gig and sharing economies

Both the gig and sharing economies groups have become a major concern for the tax authorities because of their growth and lack of an effective taxing model to prevent erosion of the VAT and broader ta...Continued

COVID-19 VAT rate cuts

Most countries around the world have looked to VAT / GST to help support businesses and consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. Below is a live list of major VAT rate cuts announced since Ma...Continued

COVID-19 threatens global tax wars

A new round of cross-border tax wars is being ignited as governments struggle to control ballooning coronavirus deficits, and launch ‘self-sufficiency’ economic strategies. ...Continued