Utah lawmakers consider separate measures that would raise the state sales tax rate

Two bills under consideration in Utah would change the state sales tax rate. One would eliminate the tax on food and food ingredients....Continued

West Virginia legalizes, taxes medical marijuana

Medical marijuana will not be subject to sales tax once legal in West Virginia, but growers will have to pay a 10 percent tax on sales to dispensaries....Continued

Internet Tax Freedom Secured

President Obama has signed H.R. 644, the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, into law. In so doing, he has made permanent the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA). Section 922 of t...Continued

CrossFit Isn’t like Watching a Movie

In Missouri, watching a movie at a theater, learning how to tap dance, and doing burpees at a CrossFit gym are all considered to be forms of entertainment. And when you pay for entertainment in Mi...Continued

The Year of the Tampon Exemption

Update 9.14.16: California Governor Brown has vetoed legislation that would have created an exemption for feminine hygiene products. Learn more. Update 7.22.2016: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo...Continued

Georgia Seeks Ticket Exemption to Secure Super Bowl

Update 3.3.2016: The House has approved HB 951. It is pending in the Senate. In the wake of Super Bowl 50, Georgia lawmakers are working to secure Atlanta as host to a future Super Bowl. To tha...Continued

Call to Reduce Kansas Food Tax

There are 105 counties in Kansas, and 40 of them share at least one border with a neighboring state: Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska or Oklahoma. That means it’s easy for many Kansans to cross into a...Continued

Exemption Sought for Girl Scout Cookies in Idaho

Girl Scout Cookies are exempt from sales and use tax in all but two states: Hawaii and Idaho. Should Idaho House Bill 449 become law, Hawaii would be the last state to take a tax bite out every Am...Continued

Utah: Exemption Sought for Diapers, Tampons

Update, 6.28.2016: HB 202 was put in the House file for bills not passed on March 10, 2016. Every little bit helps. That’s the opinion of Representative Susan Duckworth (D), who is sponsoring l...Continued

Kansas Food Fight

Groceries in more than two dozen states are exempt from sales tax. Several states subject them to a reduced rate. The full sales tax rate applies to groceries in Kansas and its neighbor Oklahoma, ...Continued