Marijuana sales in California to be legal, and taxed, in 2018

California expects to start reaping tax revenue once the retail sale of recreational (nonmedical) marijuana begins on Jan. 1, 2018. ...Continued

Lodging marketplaces now collect Wisconsin state and local taxes

All lodging marketplaces like Airbnb and VRBO are now required to collect and remit state and local taxes on short-term rentals in Wisconsin....Continued

Massachusetts won’t accelerate sales tax remittance, for now

The Massachusetts DOR has been studying the feasibility of implementing an accelerated sales tax remittance and has decided to hold off for now....Continued

Change coming to Pennsylvania sales tax laws in 2018

Pennsylvania imposes new taxes on carsharing, fireworks, and marketplace sales. Remote vendors who don't comply with the tax laws must comply with new use tax notice and reporting requirements....Continued