Customer Testimonial


December 9, 2016

Check out Avalara. The time you’re spending on filing is valuable time you could be spending on things that are way more important, way more lucrative, and way more helpful to you as a business owner. Sales tax used to […]

Colter Peterson – Customer Review

December 17, 2015

Before Avalara, it was always a pain.  It was a lot of work.  You had to pull through everything, and then go online and fill out … all the forms, including California where you have the front part and the […]

Peisner Johnson & Company, LLP – Customer Review

August 17, 2015

We work with clients to find solutions to their tax problems, and Avalara helps our clients by helping them with their taxability.  We used to create a tax matrix for our clients. There’s a lot of work that goes into […]

Data Source, Inc. – Customer Review

June 2, 2015

Sales tax can be very complicated when you look at the permutations of products, types of products, local taxes, state taxes and various combinations thereof.  Even certain addresses on the same street can actually be in two different tax jurisdictions.  […]

Nora Systems, Inc. – Customer Review

May 26, 2015

We were looking at server-based solutions because that’s what we were used to, but we ran into some issues. Our global head of IT was the only person who could manually update all of our tax tables on our server, […]

Mohawk Rubber Sales

May 19, 2015

There was pain and suffering doing returns and updating sales tax with our old system.  We had to update manually, so any time a tax rate changed we’d have to go in and update it. We couldn’t make any updates […]

Natural Health Trends Corp.

May 18, 2015

Before Avalara, we were collecting sales tax in three states where we had nexus. Then we entered into agreements with states to collect tax on behalf of our distributors.  That put us in almost every state, and that was not […]

Argus Software

When we started doing more business in different states, it was getting more complex and taking more time for the team to manage.  Filing, making sure the rates are right – that was always a problem.  We looked at different […]


May 8, 2015

As an Oracle partner, we focus on Oracle commerce and payments.  Any customers that deploy commerce sites need tax, they need payments and they need shipping.  We have a good partnership in the payment space and we’re looking for that […]

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

The glass side of our business used to use another sales tax software product, but we needed something that could supply the rates and also make that call whether the customer was exempt or taxable in that state and return […]