QuickBooks Connect 2017 wrap-up

Another QuickBooks Connect conference is in the books! Check out all of our favorite social media moments from the show in our new Storify story.

Bundling Black Friday and Cyber Monday — Wacky Tax Wednesday

The internet has been abuzz with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for weeks. By now, savvy consumers should be fine-tuning their shopping strategies, and retailers should be reviewing what to do in the event of best and wo...

The CRUSH Files: CRUSH DC 2018 Announcement

Avalara is heading to Washington D.C. next year for its third annual tax bash, CRUSH DC. Avalara's CMO, Jeremy Korst, is here to tell you why you should register today!

Connecticut to follow Massachusetts’ lead, tax web cookies

Connecticut has been working to tax remote sales since 1989. Its latest efforts center on taxing out-of-state retailers that place apps or cookies on their customer's in-state computers, laptops, and handheld devices.

5 steps to a better software sales tax strategy in 2018 and beyond

Ready for a more efficient approach to sales tax? Check out these five steps to developing a future-proof sales tax strategy that supports, rather than hinders, your growth.

Mississippi to tax out-of-state sellers starting Dec. 1, 2017

Beginning Dec. 1, 2017, certain out-of-state sellers will be required to register with the Mississippi Department of Revenue and collect and remit tax on their Mississippi sales.

Dishing up quirky fast food sales tax laws – Wacky Tax Wednesday

In tribute to the nation’s first fast food restaurants (and at risk of giving myself a craving for salty fries), here’s a glance into how fast food meals are taxed in some historically significant locations.

Growing with Magento? Here are 4 signs you need to rethink sales tax.

Business growth often leads to new sales tax obligations. Understand potential sales tax implications of four common ways your business may be expanding.

Avalara Hosting Its Third Annual Tax Bash, CRUSH, in 2018

CRUSH, the premier event for transaction tax professionals, brings experts together to discuss a shared vision for the future of global tax compliance.

Multistate online marketplace seller amnesty draws more than 850 applicants

Although the MTC online marketplace seller voluntary disclosure program has concluded, there are other opportunities for non-collecting sellers to become compliant and reduce penalties.