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What would they tell someone considering sales tax automation

Learn how sales tax automation works for businesses of all sized. Don't fear the audit, stay compliant with Avalara AvaTax.

We asked our customers what they'd say to someone who was considering sales tax automation. Here's what they told us.


Al Vasile: Do it. It saves a lot of aggravation. It'll keep a lot of hair on your head because you're not going to pull it out trying to figure out the different counties, provinces, school districts, everything and anything. It's always changing, and with Avalara we find that it's seamless to us.

Mary Lou Carver: I think that sales tax is probably one of the most complex things out there as far as taxation goes. That's basically because every state is different. Every state has different requirements. It's just too much for a company to keep up with.

Anthony Carter: From a compliance standpoint, taking most of the responsibility off your shoulders, and putting it onto a company whose on demand calculation is pretty accurate. Then I would definitely recommend it.

Jeanne Higgins: It is going to save you hours and hours of time every month. It's a really easy process, and it's gonna minimize your risk in terms of what can go wrong, and what you can miss out on in terms of calculating sales tax and the different areas, and regions, and the local taxes. They'll save you a ton of time and risk.

Shelley McNaughton: That it'll just make your life so much easier. I know, for us personally, we went through a department of revenue audit. It was a three year audit. For the first year, AvaTax wasn't in place, and for the second two years it was. The only time that we had to worry, we never really had to worry about anything, but the part that was the most difficult to represent was the year without AvaTax. It just made all the difference for us.

Jeff Weimer: I would say it's a no-brainer. I'd say if you have enough multi-state sales tax issues, hands down it's a no-brainer. You got to automate it. Then, it's a matter of who you automate it with. We've tried one of those competing services, and it didn't work. Once you try it, you're going to like it. It's a cost-benefit analysis, works well. By being a CPA, I do a lot of cost benefit analysis, and that's a good one. It just works.