Why Avalara CertCapture?

A great tool for managing audit risk

Why choose Avalara CertCapture as your sales tax automation tool? Hear from our customers why they think Avalara's products are superior.

Missing or out-dated sales tax exemption certificates are some of the biggest audit risks a company can face. Automate the process with CertCapture.


Woman: Put your name on. That's perfect.

Interviewer: Connie Seguin, Twisted Pair.

Connie: We have a software program that bridges the gap between different communication devices. So you have radios, cellphones, computers, and we allow them all to communicate with each other across internet protocol, IP. Well we saw Avalara at one of the trade shows for Sage and met all the guys in the orange shirts there. And then, after talking to some people that we know that have worked with you before as well as one of our VPs has also worked with you before, we decided to give you guys a try and your platform seemed to be comprehensive.

Interviewer: So tell me about why you chose AvaTax Certs.

Connie: Oh my gosh, I chose Avatax Certs because we suck. So I know you can't use that either.

Interviewer: It sounded pretty good.

Connie: Let me...

Interviewer: I was thinking about it.

Connie: Take two. Well actually, we chose AvaTax Certs because it is a very hard piece to manage. It always seems to fall to the bottom of the list of priorities of things of take care of, but of course as soon as you're in an audit situation and a good portion of what we do is resale, you're hanging out there without your certificates and that's just not going to work. So, once I saw that they could do it, I thought "Well, you know, we'll toss it in the package, see how it works." And I cannot tell you what a delight it is. I mean, it's so nice. I sent out the whole first bucket of emails to everybody. I thought I'd just do a clean sweep and get the whole set redone and make sure I had updated certificates, and the responses were wonderful. The emails and all of the work flow as it goes through the process. It was just wonderful. So, yeah, money well spent.