Painful Truths with Will: Trade Show Shame

In this episode of Painful Truths with Will, Mark reveals a deep and painful secret about something that happened to him at a trade show.


Will: Hi. Welcome to Painful Truths with Will. I'm Will. Today, I have here with me Mark, who's going to share about a sensitive subject from his own experience. Mark, thanks for being here.

Mark: Thanks for having me.

Will: First off, tell us a little about your business.

Mark: Well we're in the widget business. We sell five different kinds of widgets pretty much all over the country.

Will: But that hasn't been going as smoothly as you'd like lately, has it, Mark?

Mark: No, no. We've had some problems.

Will: These problems, when did it all start?

Mark: It started about a year ago when I was at a trade show in Chicago.

Will: Take us back to the Windy City to your time on the trade show floor.

Mark: Well, I was doing the regular trade show thing. See and be seen, press the flesh a bit.

Will: Press the flesh a bit. That's not where it stopped, is it, Mark?

Mark: No, didn't stop there.

Will: It went further?

Mark: Yeah, I was having drinks at the bar after the trade show, just kicking back and relaxing a little bit.

Will: Nothing good, Mark, ever happens at the trade show bar, so tell us about your experience there at the bar.

Mark: I met a woman who I had seen earlier on the trade show floor. One thing led to another.

Will: Now, I understand that you have a business partner. In fact, this business partner was back in your home state, and she had no idea that you were here in this hotel bar. What exactly happened in that bar?

Mark: Well, we inked the deal.

Will: You inked the deal, even though your business partner had no idea.

Mark: Yep, that's about it.

Will: But that isn't about it, is it, Mark? You had consequences from inking the deal, didn't you?

Mark: Yeah, there were some serious consequences.

Will: Tell us.

Mark: Now I have it and she has it.

Will: Mark, let's just come on out and say it. What is it you have now?

Mark: We both have Nexus.

Will: You and your business partner both have Nexus because of what you did at the trade show.

Mark: Yep.

Will: So how did things play out after this happened?

Mark: Well, now, she's got hours of work to do every month to report to the state of Illinois.

Will: So she knows about this.

Mark: Oh, yeah, she figured it out.

Will: She figured it out?

Mark: Yeah.

Will: Woo! I bet that was awkward.

Mark: Oh, it was not good. Yeah.

Will: You're living with the consequences, you and your business partner?

Mark: Yeah, that's right. Yep. Hours and all that money we have to remit now.

Will: I only wish, for your sake and her sake that you had had systems in place that could have handled this easily. That you had a plan together. These things exist, Mark.

Mark: Yeah, I never thought it would lead to this.

Will: And I think it's a good idea for the viewers out there, too, to consider this. That it's not uncommon for businesses, as they're going about "business as usual," to get Nexus without having the systems in place to be able to handle it so that it doesn't create a rocky road for you. Mark, I want to thank you for being here with us. This has been Painful Truths with Will.