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Sales and Use Tax

Colorado offers a period of grace for those that need it

Significant sales tax changes took effect in Colorado on December 1, 2018. Businesses needing more time to comply with these new rules now have it. ...Continued

Pennsylvania to tax craft brews starting July 2019

Manufacturers of malt and brewed beverages in Pennsylvania will be required to charge tax on all their brews starting July 1, 2019. Yet other retailers don’t tax their retail sales of malt or brewed b...Continued

Why did the taxpayer cross the road? Wacky Tax Wednesday

Special districts in Kansas usually cover very specific address ranges: The rate in effect at odd-numbered addresses on a street may be different from the rate in effect at even-numbered addresses. ...Continued

You can now pay your Ohio taxes with bitcoin

Ohio taxpayers can now pay more than 20 taxes, including sales and use tax, with bitcoin....Continued

Portland and San Francisco slap special taxes on big businesses

Voters in San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon, have approved new taxes on large sellers, effective January 1, 2019. Could this be a harbinger of trends to come?...Continued

Fun food sales tax facts – Wacky Tax Wednesday

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are seven favorite wacky sales tax facts about food....Continued

How to handle sales tax on shipping: A state-by-state guide

The holidays are the busiest time of year for most retailers, and they typically involve an enormous amount of shipping. This state-by-state guide reveals which states tax delivery charges....Continued

The continuing saga surrounding Georgia’s sales tax on jet fuel

Georgia has long taxed the retail sale of jet fuel, but it's now exempt from state sales tax and many local sales taxes....Continued

Anchorage looks at taxing alcohol sales

Although Alaska has no general sales tax, localities can levy local sales taxes as they see fit. The mayor of Anchorage thinks it's time to tax sales of alcohol....Continued

Not all states are equal: The 10 trickiest states for filing sales tax

Every year, Avalara files over 1 million sales tax returns for our customers. In our experience, there are 10 states with particularly challenging requirements for filing and remittance. ...Continued